Saturday, 9 May 2009

Team Race Training Lelystad

Been on the water today for a Team Race Training with "Regenbogen".
Team 'Friesland' against the rest of the World...

Nice breeze (a little slow at times) and good venue. With coaching by Roy Heiner for the team.
I was there with two other umpires. Explaining our point of view and answering questions and calls on and off the water.
But since Team racing is not at all that frequent over here, we needed the training as well. First get rid of the differences between team and match racing and then training to have eyes in the back of your head....

Now I have a question of my own, which we couldn't find an answer to:
Appendix D1.1(d) Add new rule 23.3: 'A boat that has finished shall not act to interfere with a boat that has not finished'

First of all, does this only apply to a boat after she's crossed the line, but before she's cleared the line and finishmarks? Or does this rule also apply to a boat after that? Or do we then go back to RRS 23.1?
If RRS D1.1(d) applies also after clearing the line - say for a boat going back to slow down a boat from the other team, what is the penalty?
Red flag penalty has no effect and it is clearly not a points penalty.
Do we penalize another boat of the same team?



  1. If you have finished but you are not clear of the finish line, than rule D1.1(d) apply. If you have finished and you are clear of the finish line, than rule 23.1 apply and also the preamble to Part 2 states, that a boat may only be DSQ by RRS 23.1.
    Uli F.

  2. Here is what I would do, or at least what I hope I would have the presence of mind to do!

    If a boat that has finished, as per definition (which is not changed in the way it is in match racing), interferes with a boat that has not finished :
    - if there is a protest then umpire should display a red flag and then, as boat cannot take a penalty D2.2d1 applies, display a black flag, and let the protest committee decide;

    -if there is no protest and umpire decides that a breach of sportsmanship has been committed then display black flag and go to a protest hearing.


  3. I think D1.1d applies after finishing and after clearing the finishing marks.

    If a boat breaks the rule, there is an issue of sportsmanship so a black flag might be appropriate.

    If you red flag the offender, do they have to take the penalty and recross the line to finish?


  4. If boat A breaks rule D1.1(d) the boat X of the other team may protest, because boat A is racing, and Rule D1.1(d) is a rule of part 2. Boat A may take a penalty or if not doing by herself may be red-fagged by the umpire. Afterwards boat A may finish a second time after taking the penalty acording to definition finish. Otherwise and specialy if the boat has cleared the finish line the umpires may only act under Rule D2.2(d)(3) or D2.2(d)(5) with black flag.
    Uli F.

  5. My opinion;
    1. If a protesting boat requests a decision to an umpire under rule D2.2 (a), the umpire shall signal a decision under D2.2 (b).
    2. If the umpire display a red flag against the protested boat, she shall take a Two-Turns penalty under D2.2 (c).
    3. The protested boat shall be scored her finishing place after taking a penalty under rule 44.2 in compliance with definition, Finish.
    Sen Yamaoka

  6. Jos

    Yes I believe this does only apply to a boat that has crossed the line but not cleared it.

    There is no other comment in Call K1 which applies to this situation.

    When the boat has cleared the line she is subject to Rule 23.1 as a boat not racing interfering with one that is racing.

    This can still be penalized under the rules.

    I think this can be a red flag protest and after the turns the boat must then finish.

    It could be red or a black flag protest Umpire initiated if it is considered to be a breach of Sportsmanship, depending on the effect of the interference.


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