Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2009 | 02

We had an interesting discussion about mark room yesterday evening - which I'm going to publish in a separate post as soon as I've checked with the participants. I want to make sure that I got the viewpoints correct. More on that later.

I think everybody was a little anxious how it would go with Ynglings as the match race boat. Since the Elliot will not be arriving in Europe before Kiel-week, the organisers of DL Regatta had no choice but to choose another boat. Since our MNA owns several Ynglings from the previous Olympic campaign, the choice was not that hard.

Before coming here, I heard from several people having doubts about the suitability of the Yngling. I was watching the boat perform today, trying to find fault with it, as a match race boat.

First of all, this boat turns and accelerates fine for match racing. It is complicated enough to need three people to handle efficiently. They all have to hike hard to keep balance in these difficult wind conditions. Spinnaker set and down, gib sheet and main sheet, traveller & hiking all need attention. You can do tactically practically everything - except maybe sail backward with a rudder that doesn't hang off the back.

As far as I can see this boat is fine for match racing. The Elliot will be faster, more modern and even more manoeuvrable, but it will nevertheless depend on the skill of the sailor who will win the match. Like in the Ynglings at the Delta Lloyd Regatta.

And now for something completely different: Sailbiking
Today in front of the Regatta centre I photographed this nice piece of equipment:
I will have to visit their website and find out more:

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  1. I wonder how the street code (or the highway code or how is called in any countries) will consider this vehicle.

    It is not a vehicle propelled only by the force of the driver.
    It is not a vehicle propelled by an engine with internal combustion controlled by the driver.

    So what is it?

    And much more important ... what is for the tzx department? What type of road disk, (or possession tax, or circulation tax, or how it is called in any countries)no


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