Thursday, 21 May 2009

KWS; Kleine Sneekweek

One of my local clubs (KWS) organizes a four day event each year from Ascension day until the following Sunday. I've been going to events outside my country for the last couple of years, but this year I decided to stay and do some PC-work at the "Kleine Sneekweek"
I've started up the work this morning by getting all the paperwork ready and after that was finished, I thought it would be nice to give you a virtual tour of our regatta centre:

It's a compact building on the edge of the lake; this is the view when you walk from the ferry.

Protest-room 1 (my work room for the next couple of days)

Hallway connecting protest rooms and information desk, all on the ground flour; to the right toilets and left the stairs

Information desk, with Fronie & Alet

This room covers the left-half of the building with a work bench and three information windows.

Same windows from the outside.
The covers protect against rain but also cover the windows at night.

The 'tower' with finishing rooms and terrace.

Second floor, scoring desk in a room separated from the club room with screens

The club-room

The other quarter of the club room with a small coffee-bar
and access to the front terrace

The terrace in front.

With a view over our lake: Sneekermeer.

Looking back toward the ferry, you see the restaurant
and partly the marina for smaller boats.

Two ladies from scoring and finishing looking at the starts, before their task is beginning

Same terrace, looking the other way. A brand new harbour for bigger boats...

The lower of the two finishing rooms.
The finishing marks still have to be lined up.
These rooms have been raised half a floor so that if the terrace is occupied
and full of guests, the view is still unhindered.

Corner window of the same finishing room.
Note: no corner stiles!

Third floor looking at the corner of the second finishing room on top of the first.
That way two separate teams can watch the same line.

Looking up at the tower from behind on the second back terrace.

I'm standing on the back terrace on level three looking at the marina

And snapping a picture looking down at the front terrace

The highest view. Can you see the starting vessel?

Ko- building /electrician / manager - should have cleared
the wires, but at least everything is working with new speakers.

Looking the other way with Sneek in the far background (my home town)


I tried to zoom in a little, to snap the starting vessel,
but it's to far away today.
It should be in the middle of the white cluster of sails.

This year the island got a little bigger, because the new (bigger boat) marina
was finished. Two 'Regenbogen' just leave to go to the start.

The box with signal flags... in case we need to signal from the tower.
On the third floor hallway

Going back down the staircase, along the wall the plates
from almost every year. Each year a picture is handpainted on 40 plates
and awarded to the winner of the Sneekweek.

And almost back on the ground floor.

This concludes our virtual tour.
Please leave any tips at the box next to the exit....


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