Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sunday Rules Snap |3 on You Tube

For those of you who want to do some close quarter umpiring:


  1. It really was very close umpiring. Wind was low and sometimes seemed to come from different sides. Once both boats were even dipping on starboard tack! (we abandoned thad race and started again). But is was fun and good to keep up with our umpire skills.


  2. Nice to see our (Hedwich's, Malou's and my) umpiring work online! Nice weather, a lot of fun and well organized by the RC, a student sailing club in Delft called DSWZ Broach.

    Indeed very close quarter umpiring which was made a little more difficult because of the RIB who needed 6 or 7 turns on the wheel to get the engine from one direction to the other. This teaches you to be grateful when you're in a good RIB, but we managed :)


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