Saturday, 31 October 2009

Ladies Only 2009 Hamburg part 2

To all sports-fans of MR,

With the round robins done and even a great part of the quarter finals, we have had another very productive day on the water. It was cold but it stayed dry. We have rotated twice between umpires also again and now we are full circle.

I've tried to teach some of the national umpires to anticipate what the boats could be doing next and then find a position were they could best see the rule-infringement - if that occurred. It is not only helping them, but it also keeps me sharp to predict what will happen next. In a little more breeze these streamlines can move very fast, so you need to be very quick.

I've had only one comment on yesterday's questions, so I'll let those stand.
As for answer two of the anonymous commenter: How can you justify penalizing a boat for hitting a mark that is not beginning or ending a leg of the course? Which rule did the boat break?

Tonight we are going on a night-cruise with a boat through Hamburg - not with a bus like last year. With diner under the clear moonlit sky..... If I wasn't to old, I would almost start feeling romantic. I'll will however, have a glass of red with my meal...

Until tomorrow (hopefully)

PS. Chief, the flags are definitely too small!

1 comment:

  1. I understand what you are saying about the mark but my point is that the umpires cannot be sure which mark the boats SHOULD be going round. The competitors believe it is a mark of the course (and know they should not hit it) so the umpires should treat it as such until a hearing establishes which is correct.


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