Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday Rules Snap |5

In our almost forgotten series of rules-pictures this Sunday a message from the other side of the globe. A great look into College Sailing in Japan from Sen Yamaoka.

The first part you find here: Sunday Rules Snap |4


Dear Jos;
Very sorry for my long silence.
I always appreciate your great work in LOOK TO WINDWARD.
The second volume of "From the other side of the Globe: Snipes and 470's", dated May 24, 2009
In Japan, fall is the best season. We have some holidays in the middle of September. We call it the "Silver week" as against "Golden week" in May. There are many types of events, such as art festivals, cultural festivals and sports festivals.
The KANSAI (West of Japan) Intercollegiate Sailing Championship was held from Sep 21 through 23 at the Nishinomiya yacht harbour, which is located between Osaka and Kobe.

The Japanese college sailing clubs cherish their long-established tradition. This time I will focus on the scenery of the shore duties with passing time.

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (1)Photo 1: Kickoff ceremony.
Team members are singing a school song in unison before going into

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (2)Photo 2: Meeting.
A coach is giving a lecture to team members. Seniors (students in the fourth year) are sitting on the bench but juniors, sophomores and freshmen are sitting on the ground regardless of summer or winter. There are not enough chairs for all.

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (3)

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (4) Photo 3 & Photo 4: Cheering before leaving from the slope.
Cheering parties consist of substitute members and they are yelling
to competitors. As there is a tremendous gap between the rich and the poor in Japanese economic world, there is a gap between the strong and the weak in college sports clubs. The photo 3 is a champion club's one and the photo 4 is a few members club's one.

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (5)

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (6) Photo5 & Photo6: Prize-giving ceremony.
Sailors change into their uniforms and each flag bearer is hoisting his
club flag. The president awards a testimonial and a trophy to the ladies' winners.

SEN 090929 Jap Coll Sailing - (7)
Photo7: Commemorative photo.
The runner-up team members are assembled in front of the club house.

With best wishes;
Sen Yamaoka


Thank you SEN!

A very nice and informative look into your 'sailing' culture. Compared to this, our team racing events present a more undisciplined picture...., although an occasional song might be heard.

If you have a picture for this Sunday Rules Snap don't hesitate to send it in!


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