Monday, 12 October 2009

RRS as an iPhone application

You can now get the RRS as an application on your iPhone. The RYA has developed the
"RYA Racing Rules iPhone application"
Racing Rules is a quick reference tool for the Racing Rules of Sailing, a mobile application equivalent to the very popular RYA Handy Guide. The text for the Rules Dispute Best Practice from the RYA is also included. Fully referenced against the ISAF Racing Rules.
Go to: RYA Racing Rules

I don't have an iPhone, so someone who has will have to comment on it's usefulness. But I thought it worth mentioning. I'm still in Almeria for the final day in the iSharesCup. More on that later.


  1. Hi Jos!

    1. Loved "College racing in Japan". Told my favorite Lido-14 sailing trombone-playing Japan-residing blogger Pandabonium about it, he should enjoy!

    2. I thought you might enjoy my most recent post. I raced! :D

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I'll pass on your comments to Sen.
    When Port and Starboard and Lee- and Windward are no longer a mystery, we'll move on to inside and outside boat for the next race. You did great!

  3. Thanks! Glad you liked my writeup of my awful/great first try.

    I look forward to the race where I get to worry about inside and outside and overlap!


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