Friday, 16 October 2009

LTW on ‘Less is More’

Please ignore this blogpost in its entirety.

I'm forced to write this to stay in Tillerman’s competition; Less is More. But I don’t want to. It will spoil my fun in the protest-room, if the sailors who read this, actually follow my advice. I would have no more interesting protest to think about. No more discussions on the finer points in the rules with my fellow judges. No more invites to special events at home and abroad, because no-one needs a PC-member any more. No more things to blog about.

So please stop reading now and click onto the next blog you are subscribing to. Okay?

Are you gone? Good~!

The Racing Rules of Sailing has one rule which can be definitely classified as ‘Less is More’.

That’s rule 44.

If you are not familiar with this rule, I’m a very happy judge! Now, don’t go and read it, please don’t read it. It has nothing to do with getting to the finish faster, it will hold you back and make you lose places, you so struggled to gain. You cannot be protested for not following this rule, I assure you! (You can for almost any other rule, but not for this one.)

I want your word you are NOT doing anything even remotely close to what is written in rule 44!

This concludes my entry for Less is More.
Phew… I hope nobody has read this far….


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