Friday, 12 March 2010

Calendar 2010

Been fiddling with my event calendar in the last couple of weeks. Local events, club events and international invitations. Can’t go to them all, alas. Only so many free days in a year

I’ve put up a Google –calendar in a backdated post, so you can see where I’m suppose to go this year: Events I hope to attend in 2010. Or you can have a look on my Facebook page. throughout the year.
Some of them are annual recurring events, like Kiel or Delta Lloyd Regatta, and some of them are new. I am invited to go to a World Tour Match Race Event in May and am looking forward to that. I also might have the opportunity to work with my mentor this year at the European Match Race Championship in Austria, also in May.

By the time most of you read this I’m already at an event, on the water for Match Racing. On the Markermeer near Lelystad. If you Google the latter you’ll find it is one of the bigger city’s on reclaimed land, we call them ‘polders’.

This city was named after ir. Cornelis Lely, a civil engineer who was responsible for developing the plan to ‘shorten’ the coast line of the Netherlands by building the ‘afsluitdijk’ and making it possible to reclaim all that land from the sea.

He did not only help develop the plan, he was also later responsible as minister to get it through parliament so the dike could eventually be build. Since I was born in ENS, one of the smaller places in the first polder, the ‘Noordoostpolder’, I’m sort of glad he did that.

Ooh, if you have aquaphobia, don’t go there, it’s five meters below sea level.


  1. Oh, if you have too much events and if a NJ may be of any help, feel free to give me a notice and I´ll be glad to help (if my own calendar allows for) ;-)

    Have a good time at the Markermeer.
    Last time i was there was on a Tjalk some late October - plenty of wind but almost no sun at all and temperature was nowhere near "comfortable". Still fun, though..

    Best regards from Germany (where the season starts next weekend, at least for me),


  2. Oh, by the way:
    when you click on the calendar link, the calendar says:
    "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them."

    just a note, feel free to delete this comment ;)

    best regards again,


  3. @Thorsten
    Thanks, my brother told me there was something wrong with the sharing. I'll have to go back to Google to sort this out. Didn't see it myself because I do have permission :-) , no doubt because it's my calendar.


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