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IJ Sub-Committee Minutes 2009

ISAF Annual C Each year in November ISAF holds it’s annual conference. Most committees have a meeting were members actual sit around a table and discuss issues. The rest of the year most committees only have meetings on-line and correspond by other means.
The minutes of those meetings are published in the ISAF-website and are giving a glimpse, to those not in any committee, in what has been done and what is planned.
I’ve downloaded the minutes for the IJ- & IU Sub Committee to have a look and to give you some of the issues (as I see them). To start with the minutes from the International Judges Sub Committee:
From the strategy and development chapter:
  • The IJSC (and ROC) are working on a policy regarding ‘conflict of interest’. There was a draft circulated in the committee, so I suspect we’ll hear about this in not too long a time
  • More time and energy will be devoted to develop Seminar programs in under-developed area of the globe and to recruit younger race officials. To do this a new education program for NJ has been developed that can help. Chili will probably have the first clinic in 2010.
  • The IJSC is working on a performance reporting system under regulation 34 (I think this means we will have the opportunity to write our regatta reports on-line). Issues about what should be public and what should remain private are part of the discussions.

  • The impact of tracking systems for IJ’s will be addressed in the Judges’ Manual as will the use of on the water whistling systems. The manuals will be reorganized to have a section for all Race Officials (IJ, IU, IM and IRO) and a section for each discipline. Forms will be also housed on a separate web-based library.
  • The ROC is working on a code of conduct for Race Officials linked to the guidelines to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Redress is being discussed for ISAF Events and Medal Races in particular. I quote:

  • “A paper on the operation of redress at ISAF Sailing Events in general and in the Medal Race in particular was reviewed. The working party considered restrictions that might affect a redress award. It proposes no redress, except for under rule 62.1(c), giving help in compliance with rule 1.1, in medal races. Stakeholders, including Olympic Classes and Coaches Commission and Athletes have expressed their opinion.”
    I’m looking into Addendum Q and have some questions outstanding. As soon as I know more, I’ll get back to this.

  • There was an agenda-point on possible grouping of IJ’s. However, the Appointments Working Party did not wish the IJSC to proceed at this time. The minutes don’t record what will happen, only that the IJSC and AWP will get together on this.
  • We need to educate ourselves continuously and the IJSC (and ROC) are looking into how to get all IJ’s to do that.
  • The committee noted that outcome of the program for distributing ISAF clothing was unsatisfactory since some didn’t receive uniforms and others not useful or leaky items. IJSC is looking into providing logo and permission electronically to have the branding included on our own clothing.
090108-nen-thI haven’t covered everything above. If you are interested you can read the complete minutes:
Minutes of the International Judges Sub-committee meeting of 8 November 2009.

Next time: The International Umpires Sub Committee


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