Sunday, 7 March 2010

Flowing through 18.1

Because of the many possibilities that rule 18.1 gives for making rule 18 not applicable, I've tried to make a flowchart to help, as I promised to Sen. (And you know how fond I am of those.)

Starting with the basic premise, this chart should give you the correct answer for when rule 18 applies or not.
I've made png to put it in this post, but if you think it needs improvement you can download the Word -document version here: Rule 18.1 Flowchart.doc or the pdf file: Rule 18.1 Flowchart.pdf

Please give me a situation that this flowchart does not answer.



  1. Well done. A very useful tool to explain the rule.

    One thing that still puzzles me... would it make any difference if 18.1(a) was deleted? Doesn't the wording in 18.1(b) also apply to two boats on a beat on opposite tacks?

    By the way, there's one typo - "again" is misspelled in the "do it agian" box.

  2. @ Tillerman, Thanks, I'll change the typo in the final one.

    As to deleting 18.2(a); I can think of a situation where the starboard boat is below the layline and not yet sure if she can shoot the mark - fetching it - or has to pass head to wind, meeting a port boat.
    If sb does fetch the mark, 18.2(b) would cover this and switch rule 18 of.
    If sb does not fetch the mark we have two boats who still have to tack to round the mark and 18.2(b) would not be applicable.
    That situation would not be resolved until sb is already next to the mark and both boats would not know until then, if one of them has markroom or not.

  3. Dear Jos;
    I like flowchart because I used to be a system engineer when I was working. Please give me some time to verify the chart.
    Hasten to say many thanks.
    sen yamaoka

  4. Dear Jos,
    well done.
    18.2(a) is not 18.1(a)
    and 18.2(b) is not 18.1(b)
    You some times made this mistake.
    Kind regards

  5. @Sen, Please take your time.

    @Uli, Yes, I see, in my comment earlier (#2).
    Sigh, well nobody is perfect...

  6. Thanks for answering my question about 18.1(a) and 18.1(b) Jos. I get it now.

    By the way, you also made the mistake of referring to 18.2 when you really meant 18.1 in your earlier post "Looking for 18.1(b) again".

  7. Must be getting old, then.
    I'd better give my pen to a younger judge..

  8. What if I am approaching a starting mark to start?

    Mike B


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