Thursday, 18 March 2010

FTBD (28) Ferrari!

Changes to LTW done last month:
  • Some of the widgets in the side bar have been cleared.
  • Numbers are now added to individual comments and you can link to them.
  • Most Commented Posts Widget is back, thanks to Bloggerstop!
  • A new navigation bar below the header with rainbow colours: Thanks to Greenlave from Bloggersentral! She has been a great help with guidance on that pesky HTML-code. The bar is getting you to the new static pages now possible in blogger.
  • Been backing up my blog on several places and making sure I've no malware or anything that Google bots can see as breaking the Terms and Conditions. Got scared by this: Blogger Victum. If you have a blogger-blog; please read what happened and prepare!
There's also news on the local front: I've been asked to blog about the rules on a new website in the Netherlands:  It is in Dutch - so only die-hards with a good translation-program, need go there.
As soon as that pans out I'll give my fellow Dutchman a 'Heads-up'

Finally on another side note for my fellow bloggers: Beware of the use of household-items in your posts. Because I'm using a picture of and writing 'pillow' in some of my post titles, I'm now being targeted as a possible link-exchange site for sites that sell/make or write about decorative-pillows. If you want the link, you'll have to ask for it, I'm not putting it in this post. :-)
But from now on I'm writing posts with somehow 'Ferrari' in the title. And putting pictures anywhere that I can.


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