Monday, 23 May 2011

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011; Day 0

Arrived in Medemblik fairly early today. Around 11, with a fellow umpire in my own car, stowed with probably more stuff then I need…

This will be my 10th Regatta here in Medemblik – started in the Jury as a trainee in 2002. This will be my third DLR in the Umpire team. Because this is a ‘Home’ match for me, I’m usually asked to do all the local stuff. Things to do with the local Race Committee for material and on the water conditions.

So, together with Frank, I prepared the five ‘canary’-yellow umpire boats, checked flags, made arrangements for our radios, including enough channels and so forth. The pre-day for any event is always hectic and full of surprises. The trick is to stay calm and work with what is possible. To demand everybody to jump when you ask is not realistic – much better to offer to help and thereby make sure things are arranged as you wanted in the first place.

Later we will start the meetings with competitors and with the complete Jury. The total number of members is 23.

Right, it’s now past midnight, I’m almost going to hit the sack. We had our meetings and after that, a drink at the local watering hole ‘Brakeboer’

The most interesting in the out of tonight's preparations was new form for accepting a discretionary penalty.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, a DPI is a penalty for breaking a specific SI or provision in the NOR. It’s often less than DSQ. We have a policy paper on the harshness of the actual penalty. This new form enables sailors to acknowledge they have broken a ‘DPI’-rule and then we can almost automatically determine the penalty.

More on procedures in post later this week.


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