Thursday, 26 May 2011

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011; Day 3

dlr-logoS 25 knots with gusts over 32 knots and a very rough sea-state. After two flights and six matches, an on the RC-boat entangled Elliot and a crabbing anchor, we went ashore and did not sail again today….

With almost no sailing for the fleets as well, we actually had an early evening and were at diner already at seven o’clock.

Hopefully we’ll be able to finish the RR in group B (three matches still to go), but I have the feeling we might end up staying ashore again tomorrow. Weather & wind predictions are not very encouraging.

A world cup event has a fairly strict schedule – even with the extra (sixth) day this year. Two days of no sailing will cause very real problems.

For the quarter finals we need eight competitors. Three best ranked in each round robin and two from the six boat repechage round robin. With these eight then a knockout series to four competitors. These sail a knockout series to two boats and then we can sail the finals.

All other matches can be dropped if push comes to shove, determining the ranking by the round robin, although not very friendly to the losing boats.
Even with all the knockout series only going to the first to win two points, we have a minimum of (3 + 15 + 8(or 12) + 4(or 6) + 2(or 3)) 32 matches (or 39 matches). With 3 matches per flight that is still 11 flights. With a cut off time of 16:30 hours on Sunday, we do need to sail on Saturday!

However it will turn out – we will have some busy days ahead, if the wind permits….

I haven’t been in a panel as of yet – hopefully it will still happen. I’m eager to try out the protest checklist and new ‘open word formatted second page’ protest form.

Oh, in case you are wondering why the last days the post have been published so late – I’ve been complying with the new guidelines about ‘blogging’ by ISAF Race Officials during events. That means, among other things, submitting my pieces to the chairman before posting.



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