Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011; Day 2

A late start due to lack of wind, also means a late finish.

We went out on the water around eleven and came back ashore past seven o’clock. After being dismissed for jury work after our debrief we went for dinner and I’m now back at my hotel room. It’s half past eleven.

Today I want to ask you about two situations which were raised by one of the umpires after debrief. Not situations that happened on the water – more like a theoretical exercise.

In a match race, Yellow and Blue are both head to wind next to each other with half a boat space between them. Both start tacking, Blue going to starboard and Yellow going to port. Timing is the same, rate of turning is the same. At the end there’s contact between the boats both on the transom corner.

If either one would have stayed head to wind and the other would have turned the contact would not have occurred…..

110526 MRT1

Who gets the penalty? And why?


Second scenario, in match racing, but now tacking towards each other.

Blue on starboard luffs and starts tacking. Yellow on port also luffs and starts tacking at the same moment going to starboard.

When they both have completed their tacks, the bows touch each other a second later.

110526 MRT2

Who is to be penalized and under what rule?

I’ll give you my opinion after your initial comments.



  1. Scenario 1 Penalise Yellow Rule 13.3.
    Scenario 2 Penalise Yellow under rule 10 and Blue under rule 15. (Twin penalty) I do not think This is not the same a scenario 1 as at any stage both boats could have stopped their tack. The contact did not occur while both boats were tacking but it did in scenario 1.

  2. In both cases, yellow is keep clear boat. Rule 13, the one on the others port side shall keep clear.

    In scenario 1, blue, right of way boat alters course so that yellow cannot keep clear. Blue breaks 16.1 and yellow is exonerated for breaking 13.

    In scenario 2, yellow alters course towards blue and so is not keeping clear. When the tack is complete, rule 10 applies and rule 15 does not because blue has not just acquired right of way. Ping yellow.


  3. In the Contact between sterns penalise Blue.

    Blue is initially ROW and retains ROW until there is contact. When tacking as the boat on the right.(presumably before they are close-hauled).

    Yellow is keeping clear. Blue continues to alter course and must give yellow room to keep clear, which she does not.

    penalise yellow 16.1

    Call UMP 5 is different as there was a luff so yellow was the initial ROW boat.

    In tacking together

    Blue was GW at head to wind was GW and became ROW when there was a simultaneous tack.

    She became ROW because Yellow tacked as before yellow was ROW as Starboard or leeward boat. The ROW was gained partly as a result of Yellows action so no 15.

    When yellow started to tack she had to GW and should have stopped tacking. By the impetus of the questions here the boats are already heading toward each other.

    If blue had to take avoiding action yellow was already not keeping clear.

    Penalise Yellow.

  4. Boris Kuzminov27 May 2011 at 20:44

    Scenario 1: penalty to Blue -broke r.16.
    Scenario 2: penalty to Yellow -broke r.13.3 and\or r.10.

  5. I may be missing something (else why would you be posting it?!) but thought this is a simple Rule 13. The boats are tacking - have not reached closehauled - and therefore the last sentence of Rule 13 controls. Penalize Yellow (although I wonder if the colors are reversed in the diagram). No Rule 16 since if Blue had not headed off there would have been no collision, proof that Blue had room to keep clear.

    In the second situation, they both reach closehauled and a second later their bows touch. Yellow is turning into a row boat (Rule 13) and at the instant they touch is a port tack boat approaching a starboard tack boat. There is no Rule 15 issue since Blue always had row (didn't acquire it by Yellow turning into them), and no Rule 16 issue since she gave Yellow room to keep clear - Yellow could have turned away. instead of into Blue.

    David Storrs

  6. Both cases penalise yellow. Simultaneous tacking.


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