Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Match Race Question

Today at Match Race France we had a full day with 9 flights, each with four matches. There was one call we are having a big discussion about. I’m still working on this and will tell you about it asap. It has to do with forcing a boat to tack with a spinnaker up.
Anyway, for today I have another Match race situation. I’ve created a scenario-gif. The Blue boat has an outstanding penalty when the boats are approaching the finish.
Click on the picture to see the beginning

The question is simple:  Who is winning this match, Blue or Yellow?


  1. Blue.
    What's the problem?
    Provided room was given during the luff for Yellow to keep clear then Yellow has to keep clear.
    Tacking with a spinnaker may be judged as 'unseamanlike' but there is nothing to prevent the windward boat dropping the spinnaked. If she chooses not to then no problem for the leeward boat.

  2. Sorry my earlier post was wrong.

    Yellow wins.
    Blue has not completed her penalty. There is a call on this. (MR 8)

    I thought the diagram just referred to just forcing a boat to tack.
    Should have read all the words!!

  3. Yellow, blue did not finish a penalty turn.

  4. Yellow wins, blue did not finish penalty turn.

  5. do not agree...
    Blue passes head to wind so become "tacking boat" then finishes the tack (close-hauled) on starboard again and bear away 90 degrees from true wind so penalty is done before she finishes.
    In my opinion blue wins.

  6. I'm certainly no expert, but doesn't C7.4(a) mean that when Blue passes head to wind at position 6 she has taken her penalty? Therefore, Blue wins?

  7. Well, I looked in the Call Book and answered my own question. Should have done that first, of course. Blue does not take a penalty by simply passing head to wind. Although not defined in the rules, the call (MR8) says that "tacking is to change course from closehauled
    on one tack, through head to wind, to close-hauled on the other."


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