Friday, 27 May 2011

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2011; Day 4

Wind, rain, wind, rain, 13 flights, out at 09:00, in at 19:00.

The Match Racing did some catching up and we did the complete repechage and the gold round robin, with silver tacked onto the three match flights for good measure to use all eight boats

Most issues I myself encountered where about the two length zone. Was the overlap there or not. Sometimes you decide that in a split second and it has big consequences for the boats rounding the mark. It is extremely useful to have a wing-boat to call the zone.

Which reminds me. In contrary to normal usage, you cannot take “too much mark-room”. The correct way to describe a boat that rounds too wide i.e. is taking more space then she has under mark-room, is not keeping clear, while not being exonerated under 18.5.

In the match we umpired today the first leeward mark rounding ended up with the Yellow boat going in the gap while she had no mark-room. She infringed rule 11 and came out of the rounding in control. We already decided on a Yellow penalty and after the rounding we added the red, signalling that Yellow had to take the penalty immediately.

The second penalty was at the finish-mark. This time Yellow did have an inside overlap, but Blue did not leave room between her and the mark. She also did not keep clear as windward boat. Blue crossed the finish-line before we signalled her penalty, but Yellow had to bear away and was still not finished.
Blue did come up again to do her penalty, but at that time Yellow had crossed the line, winning the match.

Rule 18 still has a big impact – match racing included.


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