Saturday, 18 June 2011

SWC Kiel 2011; Day 1

Lots and lots of rain. Typical Kiel-week weather. In between some shifts and wind we managed to do nine (of the ten planned) flights with four matches each. If we manage to do the double round robin by Monday, we have Tuesday for the quarter – and semi-finals, and Wednesday for the finals.

Sometimes it’s just doing the matches. Not all are exciting, not all are fought over with tooth and nail. Some are just matches, practically over and done with at the starting signal, because of a better pre-start by one of the boats. The cover the leading boat is doing on the beat, usually is enough to prevent the trailing boat of gaining on the downwind. We as umpires just have to follow and stay close enough (and concentrated enough) to be able to pick up if boats are getting close to each other again.

For those of you who want to follow what is happening here in Kiel, there’s is some extensive television coverage during the day.
Go to: I’m afraid it’s all in German for the most part, but the action is no less spectacular on the water.

As for Homework this time: Study Call Ump 43 and the answer a THIRD question: When is a boat no longer ‘at the mark’?



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