Friday, 17 June 2011

SWC Kiel 2011; Day 0

Back to Kiel for another year. This will be my seventh. But since the Sailing World Cup Events have been increasingly ”upgraded” in level, no doubt this one will bring new and interesting rules situations, as well.

First Jury -meeting went smoothly, although some of our group had a hard day. The format had to be changed drastically, since the number of competitors was dramatically low. Instead of the anticipated 24, only eleven!

We are now going to do a double round robin – every boat sails twenty matches – and then use the best eight to go to quarter finals. Hopefully the weather will cooperate in letting us do the 110 matches.

Our homework from the chief: Rapid Response Call 2010-006.

Situation 1
Yellow is a leeward boat subject to rule 17. She is sailing her proper course, which is nearly 140° from the true wind angle. Blue is keeping clear. From position 1 to position 3, Yellow pulls the boom across the centreline to the starboard side of the boat, and almost immediately pulls the boom back across the centreline to the port side of the boat. The force of the pulling action back to the port side causes the mainsail to completely fill in position 2.


Question 1a: Does Yellow change tack in position 2?
Question 1b: Does Yellow gybe between positions 2 and 3?
Question 1c: Does rule 17 still apply in position 4?

Read the whole call after you’ve answered the questions:
ISAF Rapid Response Match Racing Call 2010/006


1 comment:

  1. My answers:
    1a: yes
    1b: yes
    1c: yellow has luffing rights now


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