Thursday, 30 June 2011

Extreme Sailing Series 2011: Act 4: Boston

After a long journey I'm in Boston for Act 4 in the Extreme Sailing Series. I did have a very late bedtime but managed to get some sleep.

My watch says it's 06:05 but my computer says it is 12:05. After morning posting and some mails I'll do breakfast and walk over to Fan Pier where the race village has been set up. The teams have been here for the last couple of days getting there boat ready and racing will commence this afternoon at 14:00 hours.

Watch the quick rig for Act 4 Boston at Fan Pier from the 11 international teams

The ESS is a totally different series then the SWC. Because of its 'commercial' background the RRS are but a tool to make sure that things run as fairly as possible with, sometimes, very difficult circumstances. No open water, no room for eleven boats at the windward mark, and limited redress. At a Sailing World Cup event the International Jury has a lot of influence, here we are to serve the show. That does not mean we don't use the same principles, but it does mean we sometimes accept situations that would be unthinkable in a normal regatta.

I'll report on the rules issues as best I can, with a little more direct involvement. Watch this space.


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