Monday, 20 June 2011

SWC Kiel 2011; Day 3

A great day on the water with a nice wind, sunshine and only one five minute rain shower. The second round robin was completed after nine more flights and the final eight competitors are now determined. Every crew has sailed 20 matches in three days. Tomorrow we will hopefully sail the quarter finals and the semi finals.

The level of skill is very high, like in Medemblik, as I expect it was in all the Sailing World Cup events. That also means we have to be vigilant about every possible rule – and the call book, rapid response calls and al in and outs of a particular scenario are discussed and analysed.

I haven’t been involved in any protests as of yet, but I expect I’ll be able to do a few in the second part of Kiel week.

What I have been doing, besides umpiring, is talking to different people about the future of LTW. Questions like: Do I continue with the blog or build another website? Or go more interactive and/or create a separate members part?

One thing is clear to me. The people I talk to and who subscribe or feed-read LTW, want me to post more, not less. I’ve not been very active for a couple of weeks, but I’m determined to improve.

I will dig to the archives and find the Emails that have slipped trough the cracks. In the mean time; please send in your scenarios and questions.

Homework for those who are not at an event: UMP Call 22; It will help you with the questions from the previous days.


PS: Next FTBD I will hopefully have a plan and will ask your opinion about LTW’s future. But suggestions are welcome anytime.


  1. Boris Kuzminov21 June 2011 at 20:57

    About CALL UMP 22:
    IMO the formulation of the answer 2 is not correct – Blue still is entitled to mark-room (r.18.2b (+ 18.2c) is apply), but she is not entitled to a room for rounding the mark on not her proper course (i.e. for the room more than the mark-room).

  2. Dear Jos;
    I always stand by you.
    Sen Yamaoka


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