Thursday, 29 March 2012

ISAF Q&A-2012 L010

New on the ISAF Website, the second Q&A of 2012.
It is about when a (IRC) certificate is invalid: ISAF Q&A-2012 L010

Questions and answers about the peculiar dissonant between IRC rule 10.3 and Case 57.

IRC rule 10.3 states:
'A boat whose certificate is invalidated as a result of an error or omission by a Rule Authority or by the Rating Authority, of which the boat could not reasonably have been aware, may be penalised at the discretion of the protest committee. Additionally, a protest committee may order that races scored using the invalidated certificate shall be re-scored using the corrected TCC.'
 ISAF Case 57 states (in part):
'When a valid certificate is found to be defective, it may be withdrawn by the authority that issued it, but no retrospective action may be taken in regard to a completed series or any completed races in a series that is still in progress. Thus, when a current, properly authenticated certificate has been presented in good faith and a race or series has been completed, the results of that race or series must stand, even though at a later date the certificate is withdrawn.'

As I interpret the answers form the Q&A panel, they wanted the actual PC/Jury dealing with this issue, to have the greatest possible range of options available to them. Which - in case of a invalid certificate, trough no fault of the competitor - makes a lot of sense.

I'm very busy with taxes, so posting will be a little less this week.


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