Wednesday, 21 March 2012

OneOFive -system for Rule 42 and 63

News from Peter Scheuerl about his Rule 42 and Protest Hearing schedule system. I received an Email and asked to share with my readers. Peter is keen to hear comments and  suggestions for improvements. Mail him on info at juryboard dot org.

Hi All,

As many of you know, I developed an on-line Rule 42 and Protest Hearing schedule system.
I try to constantly fix all bugs, and it seems there are not many left...

The system got used at several bigger events now, and most judges were able to work with it without any training. I made the download version a little bit more streamlined, so that you don't have any test data with it any more, but it works 'out of the box' with little set up required.
I re-wrote the install instructions as well, so that it is less focused on the technical part and more on how to just make it work.

But mainly I just registered the domain
And as I have unlimited sub-domains there, I'm happy to offer anybody who wants to use it a free install there. So if you want to give it a try but don't want the hassle of installing it, just let me know.

105 PHSchedule

For any regatta the address then would be something like
It doesn't take me long to set it up, and I think it's a good service for the sailors to be able to check these things on-line.The instructions and download is still at:
Events hosted under  are listed under

Peter Scheuerl

Good job, Peter. I'll have a go at my next Rule 42 regatta. Only one suggestion at this time: Can we have a name for your program? A description as a name doesn't really work - for me. 

How about the '105-system' ? or the 'OneOFive' system
(adding 42 and 63)

or perhaps the 'PS-system' (I like abbreviations)

LTW Readers, any suggestions?


  1. Why not JuryBoard like the domain?

    1. Good name, I like it.
      It also means you can expand with other publications from the jury/pc. Like publishing the protest decisions (short and in detail) under that same name. And Q&A's, notices etc....

  2. Indeed, I was in fact going to ask if the system already managed the publication of protest and redress decisions. If not, I would have thought this was an obviously useful addition.

  3. Peter's system was used successfully for the Optimist Worlds - see

    It has also been used for subsequent events in New Zealand, such as the Laser Nationals. Organising authorities (with 101 things to do) have been slow putting the appropriate link on the regatta websites, so the information via email hasn't been getting through to the sailors. However, from a judge's point of view it has been helpful, as everyone can upload their own list of R 42 penalties. You can then print off the speadsheet and put it on the notice board.

    Yachting New South Wales has a similar system, that also records protest and redress decisions - see as an example. There, only the "abstract" was included, but facts, conclusions etc could have been if desired.

    However, I have personally found Peter's system easier to use than the YNSW system.


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