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January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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The Racing Rules of Sailing have evolved trough history. In these post I'll tell a little about how they were and why. Also stories about regatta's and events in the past.

team race
I don't get enough changes to participate in team racing. When I do and have something to tell, I'll post about it under this label.

Koninklijke Watersport Vereniging Langweer
The club where my boat is moored. I'm doing RO-work there and am member of the board. Go here if you want to know more.

Koninklijke Watersportvereniging Sneek
Posts involving my second club. Locally, I do mostly PC and Umpire work there. Go here if you want to know more.

Protest decisions depend on the facts found, but also on interpretation of the rules.

Interesting pieces from the manuals, or additions or improvements go here.

That is YOU. Post involving questions send to me or cases proposed to me by YOU. Usually in a letter format. (see also Q&A)

umpire positioning

There are three things an umpire needs to be good: positioning, positioning & positioning.

flits kids
Our regional and since four years, national youth class is the Flits. This is about the kids who sail them.

Question & Answer. Either you question and I answer or I question and you answer, I can't seem to remember.


Yes, there are books about the rules, and yes, sometimes I read them. If I can find the time....


sketching an accurate diagram is not easy. How to translate a three dimensional on to a flat piece of paper...


I used to think: point, click and ready... Not anymore. Now I have to learn how to do it properly.


 Like I'm going to let half a dozen people tell me what I should do. I don't think so, would you?


Summaries are great for anything else but a protest. There you should be complete and not one iota less.


A highly underdeveloped skill. Like a line-umpire at tennis. You need them, but nobody notices them, unless they screw up. And then everybody yells blue murder.


Dates and places of coming events.


Related to being or becoming an International Umpire.

Specifically for International Judges.

Posts about published Rapid Response Calls, Team - or Match Racing.

Info and background on ISAF Seminars for IJ, IU and IRO.


The perils and advantages of solving rule infringements other than through a protest hearing.

fleet race

Umpired or not, still the most practiced way of racing in the sport of sailing.

rules clinic

Attending or presenting, here's the back scoop on group discussions, presentations and meetings about the RRS.


Posts involving appeal-cases from all over the world, but always in English, translated if need be.

When posting about this blog, I'll use this tag. Personal messages about blogging or not.

'Flog the blog' posts. A somewhat retrospective look? On the 18th of each month

My notes and comments on the definitions from the racing rules of sailing.

Occasionally I leave this keyboard and go on the water at an event or find the club-room to sit in a hearing. Here I write about what happened and the people I encounter there.

Files for the use off..
Guidelines, articles, newsletters, etc. etc.
I need more gigabytes.

Protest form, Report form, Application form, Scheduling form, Scoring form, in triplicate 2 of course.

I have no sense of humor, don't use this tag! You will be directed off this blog immediately, never to be allowed on again.

International Sailing Federation. They pretty much publish the rules and have a great deal to say about how they are to be used... Well, the people that work for ISAF.... Well, the people that do work for ISAF voluntarily... Well actually, you and me are also ISAF, aren't we?

Looking for model boats? Need a starting horn? Look for places to get those in these posts.

match race
Anything to do with Match Racing. One on One. From grade 5 to 1. Best practice and fouls. Bring it on.

If all or some of the post is in Dutch, this tag is added.

In the room we come across all sorts of interesting situations. But also about the people I meet there and how to get to the "truth." Remember the 'eyebrow gesture?'

race management
How to conduct a race or regatta. Mostly from personal experiences or special tips and useful information from other Race Officers.

Might as well tag all posts with this one. It's always about the rules. Old and new, interpretations and insights.

How well do you know the rules? Are you familiar with the intricacies of the string theory? Was it RRS 18.2(a) or 18.2(c)? Test your skill and knowledge in these posts.

From A to B, we all need to do it. One thing: the bigger the airport, the longer you have to wait for your luggage.

tele-vision. vision from far away. mostly inaccurate, blurred, always pointing at the wrong place or from the wrong angle. But it is all we got, until someone finds a better way to record, and show you and me what has happened.

umpire calls
Situations in Match Racing which require an Umpire decision. Show your red, blue, yellow or green flag! Black should be rare, but don't forget to whistle!

Must you bring up that old horse again?

Interesting websites about the rules, race management and events. Links and directions. But do come back another time, please.

How to write it down; facts found, conclusions and decisions, terminologies and rules-language. Explanations on words from the Racing Rules of Sailing.
All is revealed here.





DOWNLOADS (files and links to files)

A special post-page with downloads. Here you will find test questions, presentations and files for study. Also a list of links to other sites involved in the rules and all kinds of forms to be used in the field like protest form, scheduling form, report form etc.


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