Friday, 11 April 2008

Buenos Dias Calpe

My Spanish days are - of course - quite different than normal days. It feels like holiday, although I'm putting in more hours than on a normal working day.

Breakfast in the hotel or at the club 08:30 or 09:00. Umpire meeting at 09:30, briefing with the sailors at 10:00 and on the water by 11:00. Leesurly enough, don't you think?
But then the fun starts. Flights of four matches back to back - wind willing, until 19:00 or even 20:00 hours. Because the wind hasn't been that reliable we do have the occasionally break to take a drink or a bite to eat. Now, I'm not complaining, I'm enjoying myself.
We come of the water and are finished for the day, except to have a few drinks at the bar, to eat a nice meal at the club's restaurant and talk about life, the pursuit of happiness and - how can it be anything else - discuss umpiring and the rules.

As with an International Jury the differences that divide us, are the things that are fascinating. And amazingly never stronger than the rules that bind us. Not long before the boats are on the table and calls are made. One of the things I personally enjoy very much, is finding out about the other persons. Some you know a little trough previous regattas, others you meet for the first time. But all have a different background, with different stories to tell and different strong and less strong points. With different culture and perspective.

If anything other than the love for sailing and the rules, is bringing you to an 'international' career, it should be that. Where else can join a meal with a Brit, a Welshman, a German, couple of Spanish people and a Chinese girl? And two seats down an Australian and a guy from Portugal are talking with the Spanish RO.

If you can master the language, go for it!

Wind has been difficult, this afternoon in a shitty wing boat with 4 meter waves was 'challenging' but I'm having the time of my life.

Buenos Notches, I'm off to bed. tomorrow another day under the Calpe rock!


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