Thursday, 17 April 2008

Eenvoudige Wedstrijdregels - Vertaling

In samenwerking met de RMC is er een vertaling tot stand gekomen van de 'Introductory Racing Rules' die de ISAF vorige maand heeft gepubliceerd.
Je kunt het persbericht op de site van het Watersportverbond lezen in de nieuwsbrief van April

Beide documenten kun je ook downloaden:
Introductory Racing Rules V1.01.pdf
Eenvoudige Wedstrijdregels NED 1.01 Maart 2008.pdf

Omdat dit een experiment is en de uitwerking / toepassing nog niet in "het veld" is gedaan, is het erg belangrijk dat ervaringen - zowel positief als negatief - worden doorgegeven.
In Nederland is de contactpersoon daarvoor:

Deze zal de evaluaties verzamelen en doorgeven aan de ISAF.
Mocht je dingen tegenkomen die je eerder aan anderen wilt doorgeven, of gewoon om te vertellen hoe het is gegaan, stuur dan een mailtje naar en dan maak ik er een berichtje over.

There's a Dutch translation available of last months ISAF publication: Introductory Racing Rules.
If you use them, I would very much appreciate that you send me your evaluation, so others can benefit from your positive or negative experiences.


  1. I probably won't have an opportunity to trial these rules in practice but I don't like the look of these rules at all. It all looks like something originated by a marketing consultant to produce some sort of dumbed-down orchestrated fair-ground ride called 'introductory sailboat racing'.

    I do believe that it would be possible to produce a subset of the proper rules, which, if complied with by a beginner would allow them to race in a fleet that was using the full RRS, in compliance with the full RRS, but, for the beginner, forgoing some of the opportunities to exploit the rules tactically.

    I have the following serious objections the the Introductory Rules.

    1. They require not only separate races, but separate racing areas. What ordinary sailing club has the resources and sailing areas to do this?

    2. They require an extra official: a 'rules advisor'.

    3. They change the nature of the game from a self-policing sport where the keynote is that if you know you broke a rule you take a turns penalty (which was supposed to be a simple system), into a 'complaint-based' system where every alleged rule break has to be reported to the 'rules advisor'. If we don't emphasise "break a rule do your turns" to beginners (and encourage them to develop the tactical and boat handling skills to execute turns), we will have much difficulty 'converting' them to the proper rules later on.

    4. I am not confident that they are well drafted: how is "you must give the other boat an adequate opportunity to avoid you" any clearer or easier than "you must give the other boat room to keep clear"?

    5. They appear to assume that a race will be part of a pointscore series, but without saying so, and without explaining the pointscore system.


  2. I have getting signals from others who have similar objections. It is still an experiment so I think we must give it time, but you make valid points.
    Please don't limit your response to these introductory rules to my blog. Send them in to your MNA or directly to ISAF.
    If it is 'wrong' way to go, they need to know.


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