Thursday, 17 April 2008

Olympic Solution?

In the coming ISAF conference the major issue will be to decide which sailing disciplines will participate in the Olympics 2012. Since last November's conference everybody is blaming everybody for the choices that have been made. Multi hull sailors are up in revolt, keel boat ladies don't know if they can start preparing for match racing or not, Council members are questioned about there voting and committees have to re-determine what 'urgent' means.
Instead of cooperating to keep sailing as an Olympic sport - which is difficult enough with the demands of the media - we squabble and fight among each other. Even Scuttlebutt is running a poll! All democratic and above board, I'm sure. But does it help to promote sailing? I don't think so. We look like AC teams fighting about the bones.

Since sailing is so diverse and has so many different ways to practice and enjoy, I would suggest an alternative way to break the impasse:
Within the 10 events of the Olympic regatta, alternate half between different disciplines. In 2012 we do the more keel boats and match racing and in 2016 we do multi hulls and skiffs. Or visa versa.

Pick a core of 5 or 6 for every Olympic and change the others to reflect new and old. At least then we can accommodate more, instead of less.
It is not ideal - I would prefer to have 16 events - but at least more sailors get the change to compete.


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