Sunday, 17 August 2008

Olympic judgement

Two issues have to be decided by the International Jury in Qingdao about the Medal Race in the 49er, before the medals can be awarded.

First; DEN competed in the skiff of Croatia because their mast broke before the race started. The protest is brought by the RC because they received a report from the measurer and then they acted according to RRS 78.3... still pending at 23:40 Qingdao-time

There's also a story about another protest - although that one hasn't been recorded on the list - about the annulment of the entire medal race. Read Danes face protests over 49er class sailing gold

In the sailing instructions rule 8.5:
"On the last scheduled racing day for each event in the opening series, no warning signal will be made after 1600. On scheduled medal race days for each event, no warning signal will be made after 1630."

The web site records the starting time at 16:35!
That means that the warning signal was made ON 16:30 hours. Not AFTER, ON 16:30 hours......
I don't suppose that seconds are recorded at the starting vessel....

Not to put a to fine a point on it, the most fair would be:
If DEN is DSQ'd - which will probably happen - then they the Medal race should be sailed again.

The International Jury however, has the obligation to follow the rules; strictly and without favor or prejudice. With the limited information I could find, that will mean that DEN will loose their gold....

What do you think?

Update: 20:13 hours;
Some more details in a news story on the Olympic Web site: Incredible 49er Medal Race But Results Subject To Jury Hearing
The decision about the Danes will be on Monday; However there's no mentioning of the abandonment of the race at all....

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  1. I'm happy to read I got it wrong. The Jury has dismissed the protest!


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