Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sneekweek 2008 | 1

Today we start the PC of the Sneekweek. This annual event is organized by one of my clubs, the KWS, this year for the 73rd time. With 830 entries one of the largest in the Netherlands, as far as inland lakes is concerned.

For this year I have organized nine members for the PC. We will operate in two panels, and in case of overflow, go to three. Preparing for this event in the last week I realized this was my fifth year already.

Besides running a smooth schedule for protests, I want to emphasize writing facts this year. I will introduce some extra attention to this, in our first PC-meeting later today.

If there are any interesting cases to report, I'll keep you informed.
For those who can read Dutch go to Samenvattingen Protesten, where you can read summaries of the protests.


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