Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sneekweek 2008 | 2

From panel 2 yesterday in the Sneekweek:

Facts Found:
  • Race 1, Course H in 3 Beaufort.
  • Boat A, B and C are all noted on the starting list and start the race.
  • Boat B and C sail the entire race in first and second position. Both have not seen boat A during the race
  • At the finish the RC note the passing of boat A approximately 40 minutes before boat B finishes.
  • Boat B and C sail the race in about two hours.
Conclusion and rules:
Boat A has not sailed the course and breaks rule 28.1

Boat A DSQ for race 1


  1. Sounds a bit more to this than just not sailing the course. If boat A knew she had not sailed the course but finished and tried to claim a victory surely we are in rule 69 territory here.

  2. In this event there are 26 marks in use, which have to be rounded according to 10 predetermined courses. At the warningsignal the starting vessel shows the course-signal.
    It is not unlikely that sailors miss a mark if they are unexperienced. In most cases we have seen this week, it was just an honost mistake.


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