Friday, 8 August 2008

Sneekweek 2008 | 4

A nice promotional video has been made about the Sneekweek. You can find the link here and also on you-tube (I haven't found the link yet, but will try later again)

It has been a very slow week on the number of protests. Normally the daily average is about 10 to 12, This week the average has gone down to 7 with 34 Protest/Request in five days.

I can't find any special reason why the number of protest has gone down this year.

I'm having a discussion with my team about a reopening. Because the conclusion doesn't fit the facts found as written on the form, I asked a couple of questions and we discovered that perhaps not all facts were found. So the panel may have made a significant error.

The panel has gone through the alternatives and has concluded that in all cases the boat has not correctly sailed the course. So calling a reopening will - in all likelihood - not change the verdict. The party effected is a young sailor and the discussion hinges around the fact if we need to call her in, go trough the whole process and come up with the same results.

Please give me your opinion.

I wrote this post yesterday, just before a thunderstorm hit our lake. Due to lightning strikes we switched of computers and waited. After the showers had passed, the internet connections were all down, so I couldn't post anything. There was no sailing all day, so it was a little frustrating not being able to work on the blog. Anyway, the Sneekweek has now ended - with a great party yesterday. But I will come back to this year's event in a couple of posts in coming weeks.



  1. Hi, Jos
    You don'thave to go through the whole hearing again. See IJ Manual, bottom of page 94:
    "If the protest committee decides on its own that it may have made a
    significant error, it may, without taking any new evidence, revise its
    decision without the parties present. ... When the protest committee changes its decision, it shall inform the parties in accordance with rule 65.1. This can be done by posting the revised decision or by delivering
    copies of the decision to the parties to the hearing."
    All the best
    Luis Leal de Faria

  2. Hi Jos,

    Nice footage on One small thing that got my attention in the first few seconds (before the sponsors are mentioned): two guys janking on their jib and mainsail as if their lives depend on it ;)

    - F

  3. For Luis:
    Yes, I agree without changing the facts found, a PC can write a new decision. Unfortunately in this case I think the facts were not completely accurate.
    For Frank:
    The 470-guys are pumping properly because the Oscar flag was up and then this allowed.

  4. I didn't say it was a violation of 42... a bad choice of footage for the introduction, maybe :)


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