Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympic Protests | 6

The Olympics have been closed. All sailing done - already a couple of day's ago.
Now the Court of Arbitration of Sport has published it's full decision.

I've read trough the text and must correct an assumption I made earlier. I was under the impression the CAS only looked at procedure and format. That is not the case!
Each point in the allegation is specifically addressed and comments are written on all decisions the International Jury has made. The panel decisions have been upheld on all counts.
You can read the document: CAS OG/08 008 & 009 CONI & COE v/ISAF
It's worth the read.

I've also collected all the texts of the protest and put them in a word file, so you can download them and put them in your study-folder. Protests must be written in a much shorter timespan so here and there I think there are a few loose ends, but not many.

I've received a question about a couple of them and will give you my opinion in a post later this week. For study purposes it's interesting to try to draw the picture of the incident, based on the facts found and see if that picture fits the conclusion.

You can download the file: Olympic Protests 2008 V5.docx (Word 2007 version) or Olympic Protests 2008 V5 Word2003.doc (Word 2003 version) (new)


  1. Dear Jos;
    I always thank you for your great and continuous work in the website.
    I am very interesting the picture of the incident.
    Now I have down-lorded the Olympic Protests 2008 v5.docx and un-zipped it.
    The un-zipped files were divided into 4 holders, docProps, word, -rels and Content-Types.
    The main holder will be certainly a word holder and the content of the word is XML document. But it a pity, the word contents can not open in my computer. I think that my computer’s softs are Microsoft Windows XP and Word 2003.
    Can XML run under only Windows VISTA and Word 2007?
    Your advice would be helpful Thanks in advance.

  2. Sen,
    Sorry about that, I didn't realize not everybody has the newest software.
    I've uploaded a extra file with the same information, but in word 2003 format.

  3. Dear Jos;
    Dank. The Word 2003 version has gone successfully. I want to buy a newest computer asap, but money is the first consideration.
    And also thank you so much for your taking up my question about Olympic Protests on the web.


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