Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas 'Down Under'

Sail Melbourne has its final day today. One of the judges in the IJ send me a 'Christmas Card':

I'm not at all jealous of the fine sailing weather 'down under'. A white Christmas may be everybody ideal, but I would prefer a little sunshine. Thanks Peter! (See you in Kiel)

For those who are interested, there is a page with protest results, but alas not many details. Peter did write they had a pretty slow week, so far.


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  1. Don't have a photo, but in two recent races at RPAYC in Newport, on Pittwater in Australia, we had 3 boats dressed in Santa suits, complete with hats, for the whole race... and in the Ladies Twilights, one crew were dressed in red and white Santa's Helpers suits, with short red skits, including the one and only male allowed on board ! We take our fun very seriously ! enjoy your cold cold weather... we are slapping on the sunscreen :-)


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