Saturday, 6 December 2008

UK-Halsey Quiz program & Forum

From the UK-Halsey newsletter:


UK-Halsey is taking pre-orders for our Updated Rules Quiz program, the ideal holiday gift for the racing sailor. The new program offers more than just an update to the new rules.
Yes, some of the quiz answers have changed because of the 2009 rule changes. Yes, some of the animations have been redone to reflect such things as the change from a two-boatlength zone to the three-boatlength zone.
Yes, we have included all of the new rules of Part Two of the rule book. And yes, advances in programming have made using the quizzes easier. But "there's more” as the late-night TV commercials would say, and two are HUGE changes.
First, we have done away with the physical CD: the Rules Quiz program will now be downloadable immediately - no more waiting for the postman to show up. Updates will be automatic each time you go on line.


Second, the updated Quiz Program comes as part of a one-year subscription to The Rules Group. The Rules Group is a membership organization open to all racing sailors, judges, PROs, instructors and others for the fee of $55 per year. Membership allows access to a private rules and race management forum that will have continually updated commentary by experts like Rob Overton, one of the authors of the new rules, Bryan Willis, author of his own book on the rules, International Judge Mary Savage, America's Cup PRO Peter Reggio and Butch Ulmer, our own in-house rules expert The forum will provide a broad array of rules-related benefits, interpretations of the game-changes and explanations of the resulting tactical implications.
Perhaps the most significant benefit will be the access members have to these and other international experts to respond to their individual questions. Members of The Rules Group will be able to profit from in-depth discussions of the rules and to receive group as well as individual advice. This has been described by some as "having your own sea lawyer on retainer.”
Information posted to The Rules Group forum will only be available to members. If you want to have the upper hand rules-wise, this is the group to be a member of. As UK-Halsey's Butch Ulmer says, "A good understanding of the rules is worth two or three places in every major regatta you sail in.” For $55, this is be a "no-brainer.” For owners of the Rules Quiz CD, the upgrade price is $40. The Rules Group forum will be launched January 1st, but the updated quiz download will be ready sooner.

HOLIDAY RULES GIFT PACKAGES The Ultimate Rules Package: The Updated Rules Quiz Download with a one year subscription to the UK-Halsey Rules Group, Dave Perry's new book, "Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012,” and Bryan Willis' book "The Rules in Practice, 2009-2012". The books will be shipped out right away along with a gift certificate for the Quiz Download so that you can wrap this bundle and put it under the tree. Cost is $100; $85 for owners of the Rules Quiz CD.

Just the Books: For half the price of the Ultimate Rules Package, you can have the two best books on the new Racing Rules of Sailing -- Dave Perry's new book, "Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012,” and Bryan Willis' book "The Rules in Practice, 2009-2012.” (See the UK-Halsey Rules Blog for reviews of each book, they both teach the rules from complementary perspectives.) Cost is $50 for both books.

Given the far-flung places where our members reside, shipping costs for the books must be added individually; we will confirm this prior to closing your order. Standard shipping in the USA is Priority mail and the cost is $7 for one or both books. International Airmail is $16. Overnight shipping is available, just e-mail for a quote.



  1. Thanks for all that great information about resources to help us learn about the new version of the Rules.

    I must admit though to harboring some doubts about a private, access-by-subscription-only Rules Forum. I would think better of UK-Halsey if they made all the information in the forum available on a read-only basis to the general sailing public. Surely the game is better if everyone understands the Rules well, not just a select group prepared to pay for the privilege?

  2. Tillerman, I agree, it would be better. But UK-Halsey must spend money on this project and I can understand they want to recuperate some of their costs. They do already help sailors with the rules with their web based quizzes for free.


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