Friday, 12 December 2008

US Race Officer Training & Certification

My Google alert on Racing Rules of Sailing mailed me today that the first Race Officer Training & Certification seminar in 2009 will be held at the White Rock Boat Club, Dallas, Texas USA.

The US SAILING Race Management Committee, Area F, and the Texoma Sailing Club are sponsoring this seminar. It is designed for people who have some race committee experience. However, newcomers are also welcome. It will be held at the Texoma Sailing Club beginning at 0900 on Saturday, January 24, 2009 and will end by 1800. The topics covered include: RC objectives, competition formats, notice of race, sailing instructions, RC jobs, RC equipment, race day preparations, setting the course, starts, during the race, finishing, post-race RC responsibilities and scoring.  Read the full post: (red: no longer available)

In order to prepare, participants are asked to study a basic test available on the US Sailing Website: RMStudy-Basic.pdf
This is the first test I've come across which is rewritten for the 2009-2012 rules.

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