Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Cup Skipper?

J: "I'm going Match Racing this Christmas!"

O: "Match Racing in the Low Lands, in December? Are you nuts?"

J: "Of course, everybody who's doing Match Racing has a loose screw, didn't you know that?"

O: "You're having me on" sigh: "I can tell by that crooked smile on you face"

J: "No, I'm not, I'm going Match Racing this Christmas, as soon as my boats arrive"

O: "Boats? Now you have lost me completely"

J: "Yes, I"ve ordered four, with four red marks and a lake...."

O: I'm giving up, what the H are you talking about?

J: "You can play too, come round, have a drink and I'll race you."
"Here, have a look:"


  1. I also have a game that is the same as your game.
    I purchased it at a shop in Isle of Wight in 2002. When I just confirm the label on the package, the trademark is “Club Skipper” made in New Zealand, the shop’s name is Shipmates, West Cowes and the price is 17.95 lbs. That was too expensive in a strong Yen and weak pound (Euro, USD) at present, but I enjoy it sometimes. Have fun!

  2. Ha, look pretty nice and simple

  3. I have mistaken the game name, “Club Skipper” for "Cup Skipper".
    My apologies.


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