Monday, 8 December 2008

New Call-Books for Match & Team Racing | 2

New on the ISAF Site:

CALL Book for Match Racing 2009-2012

CALL Book for Team Racing 2009-2012


Both have been 'upgraded' to the new rules. I haven't had time to read them, let alone compare them to the previous versions. So, if you do and find interesting or enlightening insights, don't hesitate to send in a post!

Details of key updates in the new editions are below.

ISAF Call Book for Match Racing

The ISAF Call Book for Match Racing was first published in 1992 and is now in its seventh edition.

There are three sections in the Call Book:

- 'General' - covering some issues that apply to many call situations
- 'Umpire' - limited to rules (or parts of rules) that are not amended by Appendix C, the Appendix of The Racing Rules of Sailing relating specifically to Match Racing Rules
- 'Match Racing' - relating to situations involving the rules of Appendix C

The 2009-2012 edition of the Call Book has been revised to reflect the changes to new edition of the The Racing Rules of Sailing and Appendix C. Most of the changes are simply changes to the rules references, but some of the calls have changed significantly as a result of the changes to the rules about marks and obstructions.

The biggest changes from the 2005-2008 edition of the Call Book are:

- In calls UMP 6, 22, 24, 30 and 34
- MR 26 has been deleted
- UMP 8, 15, 23, 25, 31 and MR 5, 9, 20 were deleted in 2005
- This edition also includes several new calls, submitted as Rapid Response Calls, and subsequently approved by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee. These calls have been added at the end of each section

Please note, that although some calls are deleted the remaining calls have not been renumbered. This means that for instance MR 27 now follows directly after MR 25.

ISAF Call Book for Team Racing

The ISAF Call Book for Team Racing was first published in 2001 and is now in its fourth edition.

Whilst most of the changes in the latest edition are simply changes in references, there are some significant game changes involved and sailors and umpires are well advised to study the new call book in detail!

The following is an incomplete list of changes:

- Calls B5, D9, D10 and E9 are deleted. When a call is deleted, the numbers of remaining calls do not change. However, a new call may be inserted using the call number of a deleted call
- New calls in this edition of the call book are D9, D10, J6, J7, L6, M7 and M8. They have all been submitted through the rapid response system and subsequently approved by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee
- The decisions in calls B6, B8, E2, E6, F2 and L2 are completely or partially changed
In addition, there are significant changes in calls A6, E1, E3, E5, E7, E8, G6, H1, H2, H4, J2, J3, J4, J5, M1 and M2.



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