Friday, 5 December 2008

Nominations for ISAF Committee members 2009-2012

Every four years at the ISAF November conference all committees are reshuffled.
The nominations for those are published on the ISAF website:
Nominations for ISAF Committee members for 2009-2012

The appointment of committee members is a complex process and they are not finalized yet.
The procedure is:
  • MNA to submit their committee member proposal by 31 July
  • A list with proposed allocations (made by the old Exec) was published during the November Conference
  • The new Exec had to review the recommendations
  • The final recommendations are sent to Council for ratification
  • Council will approve the list before mid January
  • ISAF will publish the new committees in January
I have not yet been able to find new minutes of the judges- umpires- and race officials (sub) committees, so I can't yet report back on all the decisions.
I had hoped to find out by asking the new chairman, but I don't yet know, whom to ask.



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