Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Dave Perry Teaching Rules 1

Found on the Sailgroove website:
US Sailing's National Sailing Programs Symposium; Dave Perry teaching the new rules:

I've embedded the video here as well:

Sailing Videos on Sailgroove

The four questions Dave Perry uses to answer most protests:
  1. Who, what, when & where?
    Different classes? What kind of boats? Are they windsurfers?
    Fleet racing? Match racing? Team racing?
    Before prep, during a race or perhaps after finishing?
    Near a mark, at the start or in a leg of the course? Near a shore or other obstructions?

  2. Relationship of boats?
    ROW rules: one of four: 10 Port-Starboard/ 11 Windward-Leeward/ 12 Clear ahead - Clear astern/ 13 Tacking (one or both)

  3. Limits - Obligations?
    Rules 14, 15, 16 and 17: limitations on ROW-boat and obligations on Keep-clear boat, or perhaps on both boats?

  4. Action - what happened
    The actual positions of each boat leading up to, during and after the incident.

From the answers to these questions he draws a conclusion and decides



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