Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Three Protest in the VOR 2008-2009 |1

There are three 'protests' pending in the VOR 2008-2009. I've placed the parenthesis around protest because as far as I can see, there are only two, plus a report from the measurer about a replacement bow on Ericsson 4. (This is according to rule RRS 78.3)

The rule book says a report from the measurer to the race committee is not a protest. The RC must then proceed by protesting that boat (RRS 60.2). The title of the post on the official notice board reads:

Didn't know we has such a beast in the rules... I hope this group is part of the race committee, otherwise it's an invalid protest. You can read the report by following this link: http://noticeboard.volvooceanrace.org/wp-content/uploads/vor01rmg_rev1_.pdf

The two protest are a little more straightforward:
One about not sailing the course from the RC against Ericsson 3. Apparently they missed a mark near Sri Lanka:

Protestor: Volvo Ocean Race; Race Committee (RC);
Protestee: Ericsson 3 (E3) ; SWE 3
Rules RRS 28.1 and Leg Sailing Instruction Addendum 3, 2 (e).

Description of the incident: From evidence supplied by E3 at 0556 UTC 3rd January 2009 the RC, believes that E3 did not round the Sri Lanka 1 mark on the southern side as required in Leg Addendum 3.

The other protest is from TELEFÓNICA AZUL against (again) ERICSSON 3
Boat Protesting: Telefonica Azul ESP 12; Represented by: Bouwe Bekking Skipper
Boat Protested: Ericsson 3 SWE 3

Description of Incident:
  1. 21 December 2008, approx 1800 UTC (0200 local time - UTC+8) at the location 03 11.158N 101 00.033E (1 Fathom Bank).
  2. Telefonica Azul on starboard tack, VMG running. Ericsson 3 on port tack on a converging course.
  3. When boats less than 1 boat length apart, Telefonica Azul bore away in order to avoid contact with Ericsson 3.
  4. Soon after Telefonica Azul bore away, Ericsson 3 crash gybed from port tack onto starboard tack.
Rule(s) alleged to have been broken: Rule 10.

The Jury will meet on Thursday to conduct the hearings and decide the issues.



  1. Volvo NoR amends rule 60.2 to allow the Rule Management Group to protest. Refer to NoR at the Volvo Noticeboard

  2. Doesn't anyone else find it somewhat amusing to see a Rule 10 protest in an OCEAN RACE? Geeze, they have the whole ocean to sail in and they still got in each other's way.


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