Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New ISAF Q&A's 2009: 015 & 016

Isaf posted two new Q&A's on the website:

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-015
About rule 32 and a race committee abandoning a race for any reason. Well, not anymore! The 'any' has been restricted with this answer and rightly so.
(the link on the site is not working at the moment: here's an alternative source: Q&A2009015)

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-016
About shortening of course, finishing when the race committee is positioned at the 'wrong' end.
Get smart, don't depend on the RC doing always the right thing, you have to know the rules!

Furthermore an ISAF Rapid Response Team Racing Call 2009/002 which answers a discussion not long ago on the Sailing Anarchy Forum: A double gybe breaks the proper course 'seventeen' restriction of a leeward boat.


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  2. What a fool. Just spotted it says team racing. In which case 18.4 is deleted. Would you be so kind as to consign my earlier comment to your electronic waste paper basket.



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