Tuesday, 27 January 2009

ISAF Q&A's 2009 for RRS 2009-2012

Three new Q&A's appeared on the ISAF Website today;

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-017
Answering the question about room to tack for a inside overlapped boat. This on is very useful I think, since I'm sure many of the judges have thought about how this would work.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-018
Is the finishing line ever a Gate?

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-019

Questions about the new definition Fetching.
(can't access this one at the moment > 404 error, I have a message to ISAF outstanding)
(update 22:28 hours: received a new link, document should be available now)

Since the new rules have come out the Q&A's have been coming fast. Al over the world we want to get it right from the start. Nevertheless I predict we will run into situations were we all will have to scratch our head, before we can come up with an answer....

How about you? Do you feel confident with the new rules?



  1. 2009-019 does work now.

  2. I will not be comfortable with my understanding of the new rules until they publish the cases. It is a pity they are not already out. They should have been published at the same time as the new rules. Does anybody have any insight as to why they are not yet published?

  3. I heard via someonethat asked ISAF about this is that "they will be ready when they are ready"
    Perry in his book has a disclaimer.. "I expect that the substance of the interpretations are accurate, but encourage you to double check the actual appeals and cases."

    The reference cases in the books I feel will not change as there are about concepts on how to understand the rules.



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