Wednesday, 28 January 2009

US SAILING Appeals Book for 2009-2012

Received from US Sailing:

For immediate release
Dave Perry
January 25, 2009

The US SAILING Appeals Book for 2009-2012 is now available to members online at no cost at
It has been completely updated to conform to The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012. In addition, it has been re-formatted into a one-column format that makes it much easier to read.

Readers of previous editions will notice changes to Appeals involving rules 18 and 19, i.e., situations at marks and obstructions. In addition, sixteen Appeals have been added since the 2005-2008 edition, and six Appeals have been deleted.

The online edition does not contain the ISAF Cases. The ISAF Case Book can be linked to from the US SAILING Appeals Committee web page. When this online edition was posted, the ISAF Case Book for 2009-2012 had not been published; therefore the Index of Abstracts of Appeals by Rule Number in the current online edition does not include abstracts from the Cases. When the ISAF Case Book is published, those abstracts will be added to the Index in The Appeals Book for 2009-2012.

The Appeals Book for 2009-2012 will continue to be published in hard copy, and will continue to include the ISAF Case Book. It can be purchased from US SAILINGs Store at The target date for the hard cover availability is April 1, 2009.



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