Saturday, 10 January 2009

NEW ISAF Q&A's for 2009

No less than fourteen new Q&A's have been published in the ISAF web site
All published on 09/01/09 and based on RRS 2009-2012:

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-001
About the use of a drag reducing substance on the hull before racing.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-002
About scoring when less then the entered boats actually sail in the regatta and the number of boats in splitting into Gold and Silver fleets.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-003
Answers a question about what is a "starting area".

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-004
A guideline in judging rules 11 and 16.1 in an overlap situation between two boats on the same tack.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-005
Tying up some loose ends in case 45 about "hook finishing".

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-006
Interesting! If none of the boats sails the correct course it cannot be scored (RRS 90.3(a)) and must be abandoned. Instead of DSQing all boats after protest.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-007
Very clever, but no cigar! Hiking straps, Outboard positioning and RRS 49.1.


Racing Rules Q&A 2009-008
Side of a mark? .... I always look for the side with the X.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-009
Snafu with gates, shortening and Hobie 16 catamarans. Sometimes it is very good there is a PC to get things back on track.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-010
Yes, it's very unfair and yes, sometimes even a PC wishes it wouldn't have to do it, but to go the other way would invite a lot more problems. You must sail the course and pass each mark on the required side.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-011
Answering the dilemma when both parties have credible stories. And make a clear distinction between facts and conclusions. PC's must somehow weigh the evidence and decide one way or the other. Doubts? We have ways to deal with doubt!

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-012
When should the RC protest a boat? The difference between principle and arbitrary.

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-013
One for the scoreboard

Racing Rules Q&A 2009-014
This answer will please multi-hullers and even Moths all over the world!


  1. I dislike number 6. Rule 90.3 says a race must be scored if one boat sails the course and finishes etc. It does not say that otherwise it must be abandoned.


  2. I agree with Wag, and his application of rule 90.3.

    A rule that tells us not to do one thing does not tell us to do the opposite.

    The PC must obey rule 64.1(a): if the PC decides that boats have broken a rule they must be disqualified. The Q&A Panel's answer seems to be telling us not to do this.

    Rule 64.1 lists the only powers a PC has when it decides that a boat has broken a rule. Abandoning a race is not one of them.

    Rule 64.2 lists other powers of a PC including abandoning, but these powers only come into existence when the PC decides that a boat is entitled to redress, AND the decision is as fair as possible for all boats affected.

    A PC has no power to abandon a race unless it has decided that a boat is entitled to redress.

    Maybe, in the circumstances, the Race Committee should have abandoned the race under rule 32.1(e), but I can't see why the ISAF Q&A Panel should be taking away the right of the Race Committee to decide one way or the other.

    If rule A9, series longer than a regatta applies, to abandon the race unfairly takes away the deserved poiintscore advantage of boats that competed earned over boats that DNC.

    We should bear in mind the principle that we should only abandon as a last resort (Judges Manual 9.29, although, to be fair, that is in the context when only one boat, or very few, have requested redress).


  3. Dislike or not, this is what the Q&A says. If all boats have sailed the wrong course, no boat has sailed in compliance with rule 28.1, it cannot be scored. If there hadn't been a protest.....

    Perhaps you should look it this way: Which is the lesser of two 'evils': All boats scoring DSQ (possible ruining a discard) or abandoning the race, so it can be resailed?

  4. This matter came up in my question re team racing last year. In one race, all boats sailed the wrong course. It was thought to be unfair to the other teams in the round robin to award either team a win. Abandoning with no re-sail would have been a way forward.


  5. Hi Jos,

    Nice post, I specifically like #12. Never knew this, but I'll remember it for the rest of my life!

    - F

  6. I also dislike #6, but mainly because the situation should not have got as far as it did: I have had a similar situation where all the competitors sailed the same (wrong) course, none of them were disadvantaged (and no complications of other heats/teams etc.), and all were in favour of accepting the race as valid. In most circumstances, I would have hoped that someone would have persuaded the RC that the protest was not the best route, or that an enlightened PC might suggest that it be withdrawn.


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