Friday, 22 January 2010

Fact Finding Friday for die-hards

Sometimes you get lucky. In using a couple of new search words, Google kicked out a couple of nice finds! This post is for all who are studying the Racing Rules of Sailing in depth.

When studying the rules you are always on the look out for new cases, new protests, new material. And you can learn a lot from how Protest-committees have done things in the past in hearings, which rules they applied, which mistakes they made and what was done to correct those. Unfortunately most of that is only written on a piece of paper and not available to the public.

But sometimes a panel at an event gets the opportunity to properly publish their work. By using "request for redress" as a search parameter, I found many interesting pdf's, but the jewel was this site:

Have a look yourself. Besides the abstracts of each protest you can also find the whole written protest form including Facts found, Rules, Conclusion and Decision.

My compliments to the International Jury of the Phuket King's Cup Regatta 2009. I wish more IJ's had the opportunity to use the internet this way.


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