Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Rules Snap; Rule 49

Luigi send me the following snap (together with his best wishes for 2010):

and asks in his mail: "Is this an infringement of rule 49?"

Dear Luigi,
I hope your year may be eventful and happy as well and I'll let the LTW_readers come up with the answer to your query. Thanks for sending it in!
Cheers, Jos


  1. Hi Luigi!

    it depends on the definition of "torso": to my opinion, half of the torso is outside the lower lifeline, so infringement of rule 49.
    Cheers, Wolfgang Hofmann

  2. Rule 49.2 says it's legal. I'm not sure this is faster -- seems like more of his weight is inboard than if he turned around and hiked hard.

  3. I've heard of droop hiking, but this is ridiculous.

    Trivia question:
    How often do protests fail because of inconsistent or inadequate evidence?
    I had a protest hearing for a RRS 11 protest on Saturday after a regatta in Arizona. The other PC members and I asked the right questions, identified the rules and issues, and got a good sense of what most likely happened on the race course. But, the skipper/boat and witness evidence were inconsistent and limited, severely limiting the facts that could be determined.

  4. Definately not legal - he is not facing outboard; unless he is being recovered from an overboard situation. Richard.

  5. Of course, the boat infringes rule 49.2. Rule 42 combines safy with performance.
    But it's rare and funny.
    sen yamaoka

  6. Rule 49.2 starts off by saying 'When lifelines are required by the class rules or sailing instructions.....' so we have to check if the class rules or SI's require the life lines. If they do not then this is legal. If lifelines are required this is illegal as part of the torso is outside the lines

  7. Jos - very much so . . .
    Unless the class rules or SIs say otherwise. This appears to be a Melges 32 which I have no experience with, but the 24 rules are pretty detailed when it comes to lifelines. Lifeline failure has caused many problems with the 24s and there has also been some issues with internal injuries. Not sure what this fellow is doing anyway as he has no shoes on. Maybe his feet stink and he has been ordered by his mates to wash them. If this then is deemed a ‘necessary task’ as in 49.2, then he is OK. – Keep up the good work,

  8. Dear Eric;
    I listen to your deep insight with admiration.
    Every race official has to be kind and tolerant to sailors.
    sen yamaoka

  9. Many thanks to all.
    Seems there is no unanimty about it and i'm still thinking if rule 49.2 is infringed.
    Good point from Eric!

  10. I think that this guy is probably trimming the jib after a tack, and that is why he is taking his legs so far out of the boat. I have seen it done (taking the legs out, not the torso)in J24, and I consider it legal, but this case may be border line..


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