Monday, 18 January 2010

FTBD (26)

Another month has gone by and therefore it is time for Flog the Blog Day again!
(For those who've never heard of this, please use "FTBD" as a label and have a look at the previuos 25 instalments of this post.) Now you (everybody) know(s) what to do.

Well, I haven't given you much to "b" about, have I?

That may be the case but you can still suggest new avenues or new ideas.
I'm planning to go through previous "to-do lists" and see what I can salvage.....

I must make my apologies to readers who've send an E-mail with question(s). Some of them already a couple of months! back. I'm still planning to get back to those, honest!

To make up for my lack of commitment I'm publishing a photo of me from a long time ago, so you can have a go at me:
In 1980 I was still very active as a sailing-instructor and we were starting up a new program with centreboard-dinghy's. Optimists to be precise. After a weekend with a group of enthusiast I's at our national sailing institute, we got to sail in these "bathtubs" ourselves. I remember being already to big for them in those days. Tacking only succeeded when I pulled the centreboard. This photo is me finaaaaaaly succeeding.....

For the LTW-readers who were involved with "Tante Vinea" go to: Vinea Alumni, netwerk van en voor oud-Vineasten



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