Thursday, 14 January 2010

Casebook 2009-2012 with 2010 changes

A new casebook on the ISAF website with the changes from the supplement RRS 2010. You can go to the ISAF download page to save your copy.

I did a search on 18.2(c) and did read a couple of pages, but haven't had time to go through all cases to find the changes. If you do, don't hesitate to tell us in a comment.

To summarize: rule changes have been made in rule 18.2(c) and two definitions: Obstruction & Party.


  1. Casebook 2009-2012 with 2010 changes
    Compared the New casebook with the Old one automatically by Word-soft.
    The results are as follows;

    Section 2 (Cases)
    - Case 2 : simple amendment
    - Case 55: amendment involving Definition, Party
    - Case 93, 95, 96: amendments involving Rule 18
    - Case 113: new case

    Section 1 (Abstract of Cases by Rule Number)
    - Case 55: Page44, 53
    - Case 95: Page23, 25, 26, 43
    - Case 96: Page32
    - Case 113: Page29

    The amendments fell below expectations.
    sen yamaoka

  2. Thanks Sen!
    It means we will not have to learn the whole book anew.


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