Friday, 15 January 2010

ISAF Q&A's 2010 -001, 002 & 003

Three new ISAF Q&A's, published 14 january 2010.

The first one is about rule 19.2(b) with three port tack boats (A, B and C) passing astern of a starboard tack boat (S). By not giving enough room to both windward boats to pass the obstruction, the most leeward boat is DSQ-ed.
ISAF Q&A 2010 - 001

The second one is about 49.2. Boats equipped with an upper and lower lifeline cannot use lifelines made out of rope, if they want the crew to sit on deck facing outboard with their waist inside the lower and their upper body-part outside the upper lifeline
ISAF Q&A 2010 - 002

The third one is a "what if" case. In the Q&A a couple of facts are assumed, to pose an hypothetical situation.
In short, a boat may be exonerated for breaking a rule, if the PC can find as fact that she was forced to do so, even if that boat is never identified - let alone protested.
ISAF Q&A 2010 - 003

For those of you who want to catch up with all the Q&A's: Q&A Booklet 14 January 2010.pdf


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