Friday, 1 July 2011

ESS 2011; Act 4: Boston, Race day 1

The setup here in Boston is full on. A huge race village with lots and lots of activities, a big race area in front of Fan Pier and fantastic weather to boot. The only obstacles in the racecourse are the moored boats of the local sailors. Space between the boats is enough for an extreme 40 to go trough, but only one way. No turning or sailing back. Once in, the catamaran will have to sail to the other end of the ‘field’ before getting out again.

At 14:00 hours the races started on schedule. We did seven upwind – downwind races with lots of action and sometimes very difficult wind conditions.

As usual the Yankee flags were most frequent at the marks. The following situation will probably come up in the debrief this morning:

110701ESS A4 WW1

We use the Match Race version of rule 18.3. Blue puts up her Yankee flag in position 6. What should the umpires response be?


  1. Boris Kuzminov2 July 2011 at 07:30

    IMHO Yellow cannot by luffing avoid becoming overlapped inside (a seamanlike way) therefore green flag – no broken rules.

  2. Looks like a green flag to me. Blue tacked in the zone and completed her tack while Yellow and Green was still clear astern

    Yellow could not have avoided becoming overlapped inside of Blue by luffing and is entitled to mark-room in accordance with 18.3(a) and blue gave it.

    Greem was able to keep avoid becoming overlapped inside of Blue by luffing and complied with 18.3 (a) - the Match race version.

    Had the Fleet Race version of the rules been in effect Blue would have broken 18.3 (a) by forcing Green to sail above close hauled but the key is that the Match Race version of RRS 18.3 is in effect.


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